Trams in Turin

Filobus a Torino

Trolleybus network, routes and vehicles in Turin Italiano

Filobus a Torino
Filobus a Torino
Filobus a Torino

Edited by Atts
Associazione Torinese Tram Storici

ISBN 978-88-942420-2-7

126 pages, glossy paper, 110 photos,  10 schemas, list price 18 €

In Turin the book can be bought at the stand of ATTS during the shows.

The trolleybus network in Turin, active between 1931 and 1980, was always considered, in nearly fifty years of operation, marginal compared to the rest of the transport network. The trolleybus has never had popularity and fortune in the city of the Mole, apart from a short period around World War II, with a thriving of projects concerning the creation of new lines; the obvious difficulties in the supply of goods and materials during the war and the shortage of electricity at the end of it caused a sharp downturn. The massive immigration from the South and from the North-East during the years of economic boom led a tumultuous and disorderly growth of the city; to satisfy the demand for new links to the suburbs, in lack of a comprehensive project, were set up new bus lines.

The trolleybus network remained so still quite small, in comparison with other Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Naples and Bologna and with the rest of Europe. In 1975, following a course giving priority to bus in public transport, the administration of the municipality of Turin, decided to remove the last trolleybus lines in the city. Trolleybus was a kind of vehicle that had received great acclaim since the thirties: quiet, with excellent pick-up in city traffic, cheap and non-polluting.

The cause that led to its suppression was probably the obsolescence of vehicles: most of them dating back a quarter of a century before, but there were still present even some three axle vehicles dating back to the forties. It would have been necessary a complete replacement of the fleet but the City and Atm were then focused towards the realization of a new light rail route, with its remarkable investment: trolleybuses were then sacrificed.

The new edition of Filobus a Torino tells the story of the trolleybus network, routes and vehicles in Turin. A hundred and ten photographs
Photo by Jean-Henri Manara©
Trolleybus 1105 serving route 35 along via Nizza in 1973
(a third of them in colour), most of them unpublished, enrich the descriptive part, while the schema
Schema of Torino-Rivoli trolleybus
of vehicle provide additional technical details. The map of the network, as well as some reproductions of newspaper articles
Stampa Sera, monday 14 november 1938 ©
New trolleybus routes 51 and 53
of the time, complete the description of the history of this vehicle in the city of the Mole.